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Collaboration Agreements with Industry

Joining forces for a shared goal

Collaborations between Stanford faculty and company researchers allow scientists with common interests to pursue common research objectives. Collaboration agreements are used when the parties work together and each side meets its own costs.

ICO’s industry collaboration agreement addresses:

  • The research obligations of each party.
  • Disclosure of confidential information, if any.
  • Ownership of inventions based on inventorship. No licenses or license options are offered to the other party.
  • Authorship of publications based on academic standards.

Stanford faculty who want to collaborate with a company are asked to fill out and send ICO a collaboration intake form with information about the project and participants.

A “collaboration” is different from sponsored research

Researchers and their collaborators should be aware of two key differences between collaborations and sponsored research: First, both parties to the collaboration are performing research essential to the project, as described in a statement of work. Second, since no funding is provided by the collaborator, the Stanford researcher must fund these activities by other means, such as gifts or other available funds.