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Our group in Stanford's Department of Earth System Science, led by Prof. Alexandra Konings, studies how ecosystems and the carbon cycle respond to variations in water availability at large scales, and how ecosystems will change under future climate. Our research questions are quite varied, but many of them surround the role of soil moisture and vegetation water content in predicting plant health, associated carbon fluxes and growth. In order to answers these questions, we primarily use remote sensing data analysis and model development. In particular, we often use new microwave measurements of vegetation water content. We believe that a deep understanding of remote sensing background helps us do better science and therefore also work on developing new remote sensing datasets and their validation.


Isohydricity and heterotrophic respiration datasets can be found on Github.


January 19, 2018

Jackie Fortin (MS student in CEE) and Mike Burnett (senior in Earth Systems) join the group. Welcome!

December 7, 2017

Our talks and posters:
Nathan:  B13D-1794: Using Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture to Estimate Fire Risk in Tropical Peatlands

Mostafa: B24C-02: Interacting Effects of Leaf Water Potential and Biomass on Vegetation Optical Depth

Krishna: B31D-2009: Vegetation optical depth measured by microwave radiometry as an indicator of tree mortality