Monika Schleier-Smith is an assistant professor in the Physics Department at Stanford.

Gregory Bentsen (graduate student, Physics) received his B.S. in Physics & Mathematics from the University of Rochester in 2011.  Before coming to Stanford, he attended Cambridge University as a Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholar to complete Part III of the Mathematical Tripos.  He holds an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Tori Borish (graduate student, Applied Physics) is a 2012 graduate of Williams College and an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. Her past research includes experimental work in quantum imaging in the group of Anton Zeilinger (University of Vienna).  She is also a member of the U.S. National Orienteering Team!

Emily Davis (graduate student, Physics) arrived at Stanford in the fall of 2013.  She received B.S. degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering / Computer Science from MIT in 2012.  Before coming to Stanford, Emily spent a year as a visiting researcher at the LMU Munich, where she constructed a narrow-linewidth laser for spectroscopy on an optical clock transition.  Emily is a 2014 recipient of the Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship and NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Simon Evered (undergraduate researcher, 2017 - present).

Jacob Hines (graduate student, Applied Physics) received his B.S. in Physics from UC Santa Barbara in the College of Creative Studies program in 2016.  At UCSB, he conducted his senior thesis research in the Weld Lab.  Jacob holds a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.

Lukas Homeier (visiting student researcher, 2017 - 2018) received his Bachelor's degree from the LMU Munich in 2017.  He is a recipient of the Bavarian Max Weber Fellowship.

Ognjen Marković (graduate student, Physics) received B.A. and M.Sci. degrees in physics from Trinity College, Cambridge, in 2015. He has previously conducted research at the Weizmann Institute and in the group of Zoran Hadzibabic at Cambridge. Throughout his time at university, Ognjen also taught and mentored gifted high school students in the physics program at the Petnica Science Center in Serbia.


Brandon Buscaino (undergraduate/co-term, 2014-15): now a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford.

Andrea "Aj" Chlarson (undergraduate researcher, 2016-17): graduated from Cañada College and now finishing physics degree at UCLA.

Harry Levine (undergraduate researcher, 2014): now a Ph.D. student in physics at Harvard University.

Tracy Li (postdoctoral researcher, 2016-17): now at Apple Corp.

Alex Kwiatkowski (undergraduate/co-term, 2016-17): heading to CU Boulder for graduate school in Physics.

Roxa Meyer (undergraduate researcher, 2016-17).

Erica McDowell (undergraduate researcher, 2014).

Thomas Reimann (visiting student researcher, 2014): now a Ph.D. student with Christophe Salomon (ENS Paris).

Alyssa Rudelis (undergraduate researcher, 2014): now a Ph.D. student at MIT.

Sebastian Scherg (visiting student researcher, 2015): now a Ph.D. student with Immanuel Bloch (LMU Munich).

Eduardo Torres Montano (undergraduate researcher, 2013-14).

Anna Wang (undergraduate researcher, 2014): visited from the group of Wes Campbell at UCLA; now a Ph.D. student with Phil Bucksbaum at Stanford.


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