Photo of chairs, bookshelf, and sofa in The Living Room. Photo of Postdoc Patrick Callier at his desk, wearing headphones and looking at a computer.
Photo of a bench with pillows.

The Interactional Sociophonetics Lab is a research space in the Department of Linguistics for collecting data for sociophonetic investigation. The facility contains The Living Room, where high-quality audio and video recordings of social interactions can be made in a less overtly experimental context than typical sound booths; The Observation Deck, a work station for observing these interactions and conducting audio and video analysis; The Art Studio, a room for collecting articulatory phonetic data; and office space for a postdoc (currently Patrick Callier) or lab manager. The lab, designed and directed by Rob Podesva, opened in 2012.

Please send all inquiries to If you are affiliated with the Department of Linguistics and would like to conduct research in the lab, include in your inquiry a request to be invited to the online room reservation calendars.