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How to join

Eligibility: The team is open to all registered Stanford students (undergraduate and graduate) and post-doctoral students. Faculty, staff, as well as the respective adult spouses of all of the above are also welcome at the discretion of the coaches. Additionally, the team is open to alumni of Stanford University less than 15 years removed from their time at Stanford, and alumni of the team. Finally, current members of other triathlon teams should contact us about interim training periods (e.g. summer training). We practice at all levels of seriousness and ability: complete beginners, elite athletes, swimmers, bikers, runners, and casual social trainers are all encouraged to check out the team.

Getting started: To learn more, register with club sports (for liability purposes), show up at a workout (see the practice calendar), and introduce yourself! Look for one of the team officers if you have any questions. For some of the workouts, you will need a road bike. Except for the first couple of weeks of the academic quarter (or your first week of practice if you join late), members will be required to pay dues in order to practice. Athletes who want to take advantage of our race subsidies and sponsorship benefits will have to work some (usually easy and fun) volunteer credits.

To join, follow these steps.  These should be completed within or soon after your first week of practice.


N.B. - These forms must be filled out by all new and returning members of the team.

1. Team registration form and non-disclosure agreement for sponsorship deals - online forms

  • TEAM REGISTRATION FORM (online) Note: If you would like to change your entries at a later date (e.g. to add your USAT number), save the "Edit your responses" link that is returned to you after you submit the form.
  • non-disclosure agreement (online)

2. Club Sports Registration (and liability waiver) - online forms

All team members must sign a liability waiver before practicing with the team. For current Stanford affiliates (anybody with a SUNet ID), the waiver is part of the online Club Sports registration (see below). For those who are not presently Stanford affiliates, we are accepting a paper waiver (this form), and you will have to get in touch with the team leadership in order to gain pool access.

  • Stanford affiliates (people with a SUNet ID): Click here (and log in using the button at the top left of the screen) to begin the online version. Follow the on-screen instructions to fill out all five forms such that the "membership status" page confirms that you have joined. Depending on what you fill in, you may need to provide additional forms to the Club Sports office.
  • Non-affiliates: Get in touch with the team leadership (these people) and they will help you out. Bring a signed liability waiver (this form) to your first practice.

3. (students only) Register with Stanford's OrgSync for team funding tasks

  • Go to Stanford's OrgSync webpage.
  • Create an account or login with your existing SUNet account.
  • Search for Stanford Club Triathlon Team.
  • Click the green "Join Now" button to affiliate yourself with the team. Done!

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists:

  • triathlon: The main list used for workout and race information. Send a blank e-mail to to join.
  • triathlon-team: You'll get added to this one when you pay dues!

Team Dues

NB: Dues are not, under any circumstances, refundable. This includes injuries or any other unforeseen circumstances. We typically practice for a few weeks without requiring dues at the beginning of the quarter to accommodate newcomers, so feel free to come check out practice before committing. People who join the team after the dues deadline have a short grace period to check out the practices before we ask that you pay dues.

Winter 2018 dues are now being accepted, and will be required in order to continue practicing with the team as of January 19th. To pay dues, write a check to Stanford Triathlon Club and give it to the team president, VP, or treasurer at practice, or see below to pay online with PayPal.


  • Students: $105 per quarter, $280 for academic year
  • Non Students, Tier 1 (Staff, Post-docs, and alumni less than 5 years after graduation): $145 per quarter, $400 for academic year
  • Non Students, Tier 2 (Alumni more than 5 years out, faculty, spouses of staff/post-docs/students): $225 per quarter, $640 for academic year

Summer rates: $25 for everyone. Paying dues online incurs a surcharge of $5 per quarter ($15 for the academic year)


Select your dues option


Check out the current training calendar, show up to practice, and introduce yourself!


To qualify for race subsidies and sponsorship discounts, you must:

  1. Perform 12 credits of team jobs (or 4 per quarter). Athletes going to Collegiate Nationals do 21 credits to help offset the costs of racing there. Follow the team mailing list to stay up to date and sign up for team jobs. There are many opportunities for team jobs each quarter, and they're mostly easy, fun tasks to do with club sports or team infrastructure. If you sign up for a team job and then don't show up, the credits you signed up for will be subtracted from your total (i.e. you will have to make up 2 credits for every 1 missed). See here for more details about team policies.
  2. Help with our yearly race, the Treeathlon. Teammates who want to race in the Treeathlon must recruit 2 volunteers in their stead.
  3. Fulfill quarterly The Stanford Fund (TSF) requirements (students only). TSF requirements vary by quarter but usually include writing letters/postcards. TSF requirements are announced each quarter on the team's mailing list.

If you are taking triathlon as a class (ATHLETIC 156C - one pass/fail credit), to receive a passing grade you must fulfill the team requirements/obligations listed above and attend at least 21 hours of team practices during the quarter.


Our team members enjoy:

  • Coaching: team members receive professional coaching from our amazing coaches.
  • Online training plan: Our coaches provide the training plan via TrainingPeaks. Late joiners who would like to use TrainingPeaks should send us a message so that we know to sign you up.
  • Sponsorship discounts: team members are eligible for discounts on services and gear from our sponsors.
  • Race subsidies: team members who fulfill all the team responsibilities receive significant registration fee and travel subsidies for scheduled races.
  • Team events: team members can attend events sponsored by the team.
  • See here for more details about team policies.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.